Motvind Records

Motvind Records aim to release music of uttermost importance – including productions from the members of Motvind Kulturlag.

2020 is here and the first release is announced!

March 5th – MOT7LP

Andreas Røysum Ensemble with Henriette Eilertsen, Signe Emmeluth, Marthe Lea, Hans P. Kjorstad, Joel Ring, John Andrew Wilhite, Christian Meaas Svendsen, Sanskriti Shrestha & Ivar Myrset Asheim

About Motvind Records

Motvind Records is a part of the umbrella organization Motvind Kulturlag. Also included in this cultural guild is a festival and a magazine. The goal of Motvind Kulturlag is to present a broad spectrum of cultural expressions through different channels.

Simultaneously, we want to raise focus on the fact that the Norwegian music scene is being invaded by cooperations like Kongsberg Gruppen, Nammo and Equinor. This is highly problematic, because these weapon, ammunition and oil companies are sponsoring the arts to gain goodwill in the people, and at the same time operating in some of the least sustainable businesses on the planet.

Despite this focus on such bad cases, we are first and foremost pro-peace, pro-freedom and pro-quality music. We want to build culture, not just tear down.

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